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National ICT Policy-2009 of Bangladesh

IDRF National ICT Policy-2009 of Bangladesh
Bangladesh Government has adopted a national ICT Policy in 2009.It includes action items for realizing the goals of national development. The constitution of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh has edified social equity and ICTs are the best means to propagate that ethos within a framework optimizing the effective utilization of the nations limited natural and abundant human resources.The national ICT Policy-2009 has clearly indicated the development goals for Bangladesh.
The policy document is structured as a hierarchical pyramid with a single vision, 10 broad objectives,56 strategic themes and 306 action items.The vision and objectives are aligned with the general national goals while the strategic themes are areas within the broad objectives that can readily benefit from the use of ICT. The action items are generally meant to be implemented either in the
• Short term (18 months or less)
• Medium term (5 years or less) or
• Long term (10 years or less)
However, some action items have been recommended for constitution throughout multiple terms where the scope of the activity gradually expands in the longer terms.