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If you are looking to start career in web development then web design training is the first step for you. We are organizing web design training in Dhaka. Any one participate on this course who has basic knowledge in computer. We are the best web design training center in Bangladesh. This course modules are below:

What you will Learn

You will learn from this course how to create a web page layout, how to design a web page, how to create dynamic and static website. You will learn about the effect of Jquery plugin on the website.

Web Design Course Details!

#ID Course Syllabus Web Designing Tools
1 Introduction to Web Technology Notepad
2 Introduction to HTML Notepad++
3 HTML Designing Elements Adobe Dreamweaver 8
4 HTML Table Designing and Iframes Image Editing Tools
5 HTML Layout Dsigning Colorzilla
6 Use of HTML Forms Firebug
7 Create a HTML Template Adobe Photoshop
8 Introduction With CSS Internet Browser
9 Use of CSS Properties NetBeens IDE 8.0.1
10 Advanced CSS  
11 Learn Advanced CSS3 Part-1  
12 Learn Advanced CSS Part-2  
13 Create a Template Using CSS  
14 Introduction with JavaScript  
15 JavaScript with Functions  
16 JavaScript Conditional Statements  
17 JavaScript Form Validation and Functions  
18 Create Project Using JavaScript  
19 Create a Project Using HTML,CSS and JS (Part-1)  
20 Create a Project Using HTML, CSS and JS (Part-2)  
21 Introduction with Twitter Bootstrap  
22 Introduction with Twitter Bootstrap  
23 Advanced Bootstrap (Part-2)  
24 Advanced Bootstrap (Part-3)  
25 Create a Template Using Bootstrap  
26 Introduction with jQuery  
27 Some jQuery Effects  
28 Exam  
29 Project Presentation  
30 Certification  

Course Information

levels Start on Lecture Duration Class Size Course Fee
Beginner 01-03-2017 36 Session 72 Hours 20 Person 12000/=