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Basic Computer

IDRF Basic Computer


Computer skill like Microsoft Word for word handling, Microsoft Excel to make spreadsheets, and PowerPoint for presentations are liable to be looked for by a managerial position. Computer skill for resume ought to be recorded by expected set of responsibilities you are applying for a job.

What you will Learn

From the basic computer training programme you will acquire MS-Office programme such as MS-Word,MS-Excel,MS-PowerpointMS-Access.Beside these you will learn how to browes on internet and increasing you problem solving capability using internet browsing.

Basic Computer Course Details!

#ID Course Syllabus Important Topics
1 Windows Installation Procedure Computer
2 Microsoft Word MS-Office Programme
3 Microsoft Excel Intenet Connection
4 Microsoft Powerpoint Bangla font
5 Microsoft Access Bijoy Bayanno
6 Web and Internet Browsing  
7 Advanced MS Office 2013  
8 Bangla type  

Course Information

levels Start on Lecture Duration Class Size Course Fee
Beginner 01-03-2017 36 Session 2 hours/3 week 20 Person 1,500/=